Service Area 1.

Service area 1

  (For local pick up or drop off )

Home and Office Computer Repair, Services;

There are many ways to contact us. You can contact us thru our website, with e-mail, Aol instant messenger, Yahoo messenger, ICQ,,,

If your computer is down you can contact us by phone,
a friends computer or one at your local library,,,

 NE Ohio

Area 1 : You can drop off your computer, or we can pick it up. We have free pick up and delivery if you are within a 15 mile radius of our Mantua office. Outside 15 miles there is a $20./Hour travel time fee (each way). That means; one hour drive = $20./each way, or 30 minutes = $10./each way,,, These are the lowest rates that we know of. We Travel!


 Service Area 2

Service area 2

Ship to Mantua, Ohio.

Area 2 : You can drop off / pick up your computer, or ship it to us. Outside 15 miles from our office there is a $20./Hour travel time fee (each way). After repairing your system, the return shipping will be added to your repair invioce. We do not charge a handling fee you pay only for the repairs, parts, and shipping.



Computer Repair Rates:
$50.00/Hr. for home computer hardware and software repairs, laptops, networking systems, hardware instalation and testing, software instalation and testing, upgrades, Technical Assistance Services via telephone, internet, or on site, internet access setup and configuration...

Contact us and schedule an appointment for On-Site Service today! 

Both areas : ALL new systems are shipped FREE. There are no extra S/H fees. These are built with quality parts, and TESTED.

The pages of this website that deal with computer repair are made with no java, css, xml, flash, and work with all browsers, for your convenience, (just incase you have software problems). 

Phone us; - ask for Ron.

Thank You.