Mantua PC computer repair, and more,,,

If you want your old computer system to run better, faster or just want it to run, contact us, for ; upgrades, maintenance, repairs, networking, and New systems.

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If you need another computer or a new one, We can custom build a system for you.

From the new 4.+ Ghz. multi-core systems with DDR4, to new or used 1.8Ghz systems, ALL have been set up and TESTED.

You choose the OS, and the software, even the hardware if you like.

Our services include:

¤ Home and Office Computer Repair,

¤ Hardware Maintenance and Upgrades,

¤ Custom System Design,

From "High speed today" to just the basics,,,

¤ Install, Setup, TEST, and repair Operating Systems...

YOUR Choice.

  • Windows 9x (95 & 98)
  • Windows NT
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista, 7 and 8,,,
  • Mac, Unix,,,

¤ On-Site Support,

¤ Technical Assistance Services via telephone, internet, e-mail, or on site,

¤ Software Sales, installation, and setup,

¤ Home and Office Network Installation,

  • Cabling,
  • Local Area Networks,
  • Network Security,
  • Network E-mail,
  • Network Printing,
  • User & Group Management,

¤ We take care of all your computing and network needs at reasonable rates,

¤ Web site design, search engine optimization, repairs, and Hosting,

The pages of this web site that deal with computer repair are made with no java, css, xml, flash, and work with all browsers,(in case you have software problems) for your convenience.

Operation Gratitude,  a way of saying Thanks.

¤  We repair all major types of Computers, Laptops, and other Components.

¤ We Install Computer Parts ....

Memory, Modems, Hard drives, CPUs, MotherBoards, Sound Cards, AGP cards, Video Cards, Power Supplies, Computer Cases, Floppy and Zip Drives, CD-Drives, DVD Drives, CD and DVD Burners, ComboDrives, USB, Firewire, Digital Cameras, Scanners, Printers, Buses, Connect to your TV and or Stereo, Go Wireless, Etc.

¤ We can troubleshoot and repair a wide variety of hardware and software problems.... system upgrades... network installation and configuration... internet access setup and configuration... Call and schedule an appointment for On-Site Service today!